Regional Information

Regional Information

If you are buying DVD's to play in USA / Canada (NTSC area) please note the following:
Our standard DVDs are released Region Free in PAL format.
1 - DVD Coding - All our DVD's are coded region free i.e. they will play in any region.
2 - DVD Player /TV -  You will need access to a multi-region DVD player (i.e. one which will ‘play’ any Region of DVD) and a TV which can receive the PAL signal.
Most DVD player manufacturers now sell players that are multi-region ( will play all formats) and most modern tv's allow you to select NTSC / PAL format in the settings but please check what you have. If you are in any doubt please consult your electrical retailer before making a purchase of a DVD.
See some of the MULTI REGION DVD Players available here
If you fail to get a DVD to play on your home DVD / TV system remember the DVDs will always play on PCs and laptops with DVD capability.

Download more info on PAL / NTSC here (word doc)
If you are in a PAL area (yellow on map below) there should be no problems - if in the NTSC region (green) you should check if your DVD player is multi-region and your TV can be switched to PAL.
The PAL Television Standard is used in the following places: Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canary Islands, Maldives, Uruguary.
The NTSC Television Standard is used in the following places: USA, Canada, Japan, Bolivia, Chile, Fiji, Jamaica, Korea (South), Mexico, Peru, Samoa, Taiwan

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